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9 Important Tips To Fun And Safe Kids Play

Keep Your Children Safe From Hidden Elements In Toys That Can Put Them In Danger.

Play should be fun, but are your kid's toys safe to play?

We all know that toys are the treasures of childhood and children can acquire good memories if they're having fun playing with their toys. But if you're not careful, these can become bad memories because toys can be hazardous, too. 

That's why it's important to keep in mind that in giving toys to kids, SAFETY should always be the priority. 

Did you know that each year thousands of children are injured by toys? According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are more than 250,000 toy-related injuries that were treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms in 2015.

Sadly, about one-third involved kids under 5. 

Although most reported injuries from toys are minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises, keep in mind that toys can cause serious injury or even death. This happens when toys are dangerous or used in the wrong way.

Do you want to keep your child away from danger and enjoy safe and fun play? Take these 9 important tips in choosing toys for your beloved little ones and discover what toys are safe for them.

Tip 1: Pick Age-Appropriate Toys 

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Know that toys are age-graded for safety. Age grades are guidelines that reflect the toy’s safety based on:

  • Materials and parts that can cause choking or safety risks
  • The physical skills a child needs to play with the toy
  • The ability of the child to understand how to use or operate the toy
  • The interests, needs and abilities of the child at different stages of development

You should always read the label and check the toy for the "Recommended Age" sticker. Be realistic about your child's abilities and maturity level when choosing a toy.

Tip 2: Choose Toys That are Well-Made 

Check all toys for any loose parts like buttons, batteries, yarn, ribbons, eyes, beads, and plastic parts that could easily be chewed or snapped off. 

Are these toys, new or hand-me-downs? There’s nothing wrong with second-hand toys, but keep in mind that used toys passed down from older relatives or siblings or bought at garage sales can be worn or frayed, which can sometimes be dangerous. Make sure to clean them well, check and fix any loose parts. 

Tip 3: Think Big To Avoid Choking Risk

Make sure all toys and parts are larger than your child's mouth to prevent choking. For instance, until your child turns 3, toy parts should be bigger than his/her mouth to prevent the possibility of choking. So to check whether a toy poses a choking risk, try fitting it through a toilet paper roll. If a toy or part of a toy can fit inside the cylinder, then it's not safe.

Tip 4. Physical Readiness

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Make sure your child is physically ready for the toy. Age and physical ability should be considered in choosing toys, so remember to give something that's not only appropriate to their age but also one that they can physically control with ease.

If a child doesn't have the physical skills to control the toy it can lead to serious injury.  When a parent buys a bike one size bigger than her child so as not to have to buy a new one the following year, the result could be, the child will not be able to fully enjoy the toy as it's too big to handle.

To avoid this, look for toys that can grow with your child, like a ride-on car. There is a plenty of ride-on kids cars that can accommodate children as young as age 2 yet can still be a source of fun and enjoyment until he reaches age 5 or 6. Remote controlled ride-on cars are great because you can have full control over it when your child isn’t ready yet to drive on its own. 

Tip 5: Skip The Balloons 

Why? Latex balloons are the main cause of toy-related choking fatalities in children especially when ingested. It can form a tight seal in a child's airway and make it impossible to breathe.

Tip 6: Weight Is equally Important

Avoid heavy toys. Toys that are heavier than 1kg can also put your little ones in danger. Imagine, if the toy accidentally fell, could your child be harmed if it hit her? If so, then pass.

Tip 7: Avoid Toys With Strings Longer Than 120mm 

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Stringed toys can be fun to play with like kites, tug toys or pull toys.  But keep in mind that toys with a string or cord longer than 120mm can easily wrap around a young child's neck, causing strangulation. Even a seemingly harmless old phone with cords can be dangerous for your child.

Tip 8: Avoid Toys With Small Magnets

Small, high-powered magnets can pose a life-threatening risk to a child when swallowed. If the magnets from a toy come off and your child swallows two or more of them, they can stick together inside your child’s body. This can cause injury or death. We recommend keeping toys with magnets away from kids under the age of 14.

Top 9: Watch Out For Toxic Toys

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Even though toys can seem safe, make sure that they’re not made of chemicals that can harm your child. Phthalates, or "plasticizers," are used to make plastic more flexible and durable, unfortunately, these chemicals are found in many toys. Also, cadmium, lead, mercury, and arsenic are other chemicals you can find in everything from dolls and action figures to children's jewellery and stuffed animals. It's always important to read the labels and check what materials, these toys are made of or any other harmful chemical contents. 

Above all these, note that it is not only important to read toy instructions and keep them in mind, but as parents, you need to explain them to your child. The child needs to understand what the toy is, how it's being operated and the things to remember to avoid accidents. Explain these in a loving manner so as not to scare them but to remind them that play is fun if they play their toys right.

Follow these tips and you'll not only have a happy child, but also a peaceful mind. 

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