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7 Important Things To Consider When Choosing Your Kid’s Dream Ride-On Car | A Buyer’s Guide

Most young children aren’t fussy when it comes to toys. You can give your child any toy and chances are, you've got one happy kid. 

Though kids in general will not be very particular with their toys, as parents you should be. Play is so important in your kids social, emotional, physical and mental development so choosing your kids’ play things should be appropriate to their age, stimulating to their brains and most importantly, safe for them to play with. 

As your kids start to grow, giving them the right toys will help them explore and develop more skills. But with the various toys out there, you may ask, what types of toys?

Ride-on cars don't just give fun to kids. They also contribute to your child’s development. 

Ride on car

Aside from helping develop children's gross fine and motor skills, studies show that ride-on cars also help improve children’s spatial intelligence or visual thinking. As they explore their surroundings, their understanding of space widens. This skill often arises when they see potential bumps and learn how to manage the ride as they make turns, speed up or slow down.

However, with the varieties of ride-on cars in the market, choosing the right car for your little rider can be quite challenging.

“Should I get an SUV or a truck? What’s the  best colour? Green? Red? Black...?”

“Is 1 seater okay or should I get the 2 seaters?”  

“Can a 12v run for hours or should I get the 24v?” 

As you ask more questions and options keep coming, you start to feel overwhelmed and chances are, end up undecided.

To help you make the right choice, consider these 7 important things before buying a ride-on car for your little adventurers:

1. Number of Motors and Battery Size 

The motor is what makes the car’s wheels move forward or backward. A normal ride-on car will have one motor on the back wheel but there are also cars with dual motors. 

Dual Motor vs. Single Motor Cars
What’s the difference between a single motor and a dual motor car?

Dual or 2-motor ride-on cars will have a motor on the back left wheel and a motor on the back right wheel. Moreover, dual-motor provides a smoother ride. If your rider weighs around 18kg - 25kg, dual motor cars are the best option as they can carry heavier children at a steady rate. This means the car will keep up its desired speed level even though the child is heavy. 


Big 2-Seat Beach Cruiser - Kids Car Sales

Check out the Big 2-Seat Beach-Cruiser 12v Kids Ride-On SUV w/ Remote, available in Red, Black, Camo and Pink!

Single or one motor ride-on cars normally have the same speed as the dual motor. However, it slows down with increasing weight. If you’re up for a great deal and your child is below 15kg, a single motor ride-on car will be sufficient. 


Battery Size

Having a bigger battery size is always better. 12V is an ideal battery for ride-on cars. However, you will find 6V battery ride-on cars that are suitable for smaller children. Note that having a larger battery can make the car faster. 24Vs are rare but can be found on larger ride-on cars that can seat two children. 

2. Age Appropriateness

It is very important to choose a ride-on car that is appropriate for your child's age. As parents you should always consider your child's age to know what car is appropriate for them, not only for their comfort but also for their safety. 

KIds Age - Kids Car Sales

Below is a guideline on children’s different ages and what to expect during these stages:

0–2 years old – This age group is very vulnerable to falls, as their motor skills are still in their early stages of development. Make sure the toy car has supportive seats and that the motor is low-powered. A car with a slow walking speed is good for this age. Most cars for this age are built for indoor use and have button systems instead of pedals like the Peg Perego Santa Fe Express 6v Ride-On Kids Train & Track. 

3–5 years old – Most children at this age range have already developed their reflexes and motor skills that they ride a more powerful vehicle of a normal walking speed. Some can even handle 12V or 24V cars, depending on their ability and excitement. Children from this age group also tend to go for toy cars that are more car-like. Ride-on cars for 3–5-year-olds often have foot pedals and sound effects built into the car to make them realistic.

 5–8 years old – Starting age 5, children are capable of riding more advanced cars suitable to their coordination skills. They also like toy cars that look like the real ones. There are licensed versions of Fords, Jeeps, Ferraris, etc., which appear to be a favorite for kids this age. There are more features to stimulate their driving experience, and 24V is manageable to most like the Big 2-Seat Trail-Cat 24v Kids Ride-On Buggy w/ Remote - White

3. The Driving Surface 

Driving surface

Where you plan your kids to drive also needs some thoughtful consideration. To ensure a good driving experience, it is important to consider the surface or the space where the ride-on car will be driven on. 

Some cars have plastic tyres which are great for flat and smooth surfaces such as the Audi R8 Licensed Black 12v Ride-On Kids Car. While others like the Big 2-Seat Beach-Cruiser 12v Kids Ride-On SUV w/ Remote - Black have EVA rubber tyres that work very well on grass, gravel and rocky grounds. 

For off-road driving, you should be looking for a ride-on that has a great ground clearance and larger tyres to handle uneven and rough surfaces. Off-road ride-on kids’ cars should at least be 12v and operate even better when they have more powerful batteries such as 24v. 

3. Design and Quality

When it comes to design, the options are endless! You will find tons of different styles of ride-on cars in the market. Just like real cars, ride-on cars have the SUV style, 4x4s, quads, pedals, and small kiddy ones that you push with your two feet.

For more high-end options, there are ride-on cars that are labelled as licensed. Their design mimics exactly that of its real car version, so sometimes they are tagged as “licensed replicas”

Licensed ride-on cars have to pay licensing fees to the car manufacturing company, so their quality must be superior. Therefore you get a 2-in-1 advantage with a licensed ride-on car - design and quality.

4. Remote Control Enable

Range Rover Ride On Kids Car with Remote - Kids Car Sales

Expect your child to be enthralled when you give a toy with motion. So, for first time ride-on car parents, get ready to experience a heart racing scene especially when you think your kids will be driving out of control. This often happens to younger kids who may not be quite ready to understand the concept of acceleration and this is where remote control enabled cars come in handy.

Remote control enabled cars are great for beginners. Your kids can use a ride-on car as early as 18 months (some can start using it at the age of 12 months) depending on the size of the child. What’s cool about having the remote control function is that your child at a very young age, will be able to enjoy the car even though their feet don’t reach the pedals yet. And you will be assured that they are safe as you take full control of the car while they are seated.

One thing to keep in mind with remote control enabled cars is their frequencies. A lot of R/C cars might have the same frequency (27mhz or 41mhz) which could disrupt their playing. Make sure you are not around other R/C cars that have the same frequency unless the car comes equipped with a 2.4GHZ R/C. 

The Hummer Style 12v Kids Ride-On Car w/ Remote  has a 2.4ghz remote control. This enables the car to work even around other R/C cars.

As your child grows to about ages 3-5 they can start controlling the car with the pedals and steering wheel. You may also start loosening up and slowly give them their independence. But don’t throw the remote yet! You can display them in your kid’s room to remind them of their first car.

5. Number of Seats

2-seater kids car

Big ride-on cars can have 2 seats, but most ride-on cars come with just one. One of the concerns we often receive with two-seaters is not the functionality or the speed of the car but the parents’ concern with their kid’s constant fighting over who sits on the driver’s side! 

Another issue with the two-seater is the size. Some 2-seater ride on cars claim it fits two, but in reality, it is a 1.5 seater! Depending on the size of the riders, two-seater cars may fit just 1 child. Moreover, two-seaters are usually found in larger ride-on cars like the SUV style or an off-roader.

If you are looking for more sporty cars like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes AMG, Bentley, or Porsche, a one-seater style  is an ideal option, as it encompasses all the aspects of a sporty supercar.

Audi 1 seater kids car

One-seater cars also save space in your house or garage. On cooler days kids can drive these cars in larger open spaces inside the house. In addition, storing these cars is a lot easier than having the larger ones. Keep in mind the one-seater such as the Hummer, Mercedes, Lamborghini are pretty big in size but are still great for playing indoors as well as outdoors. 

6. Shipping Arrangements

shipping arrangement

Before buying your ride-on car, make sure you read the fine print on shipping. 

Take note that these cars are HUGE and shipping them out can range from $50 - $190 locally! Make sure the store you are buying includes their shipping with the price they offer. 

Here at Kids Car Sales, we offer Free Metro Shipping to business addresses for bulky items. Another great thing that we offer is depot collection. This option will save you money and time so touch base with us if you want us to find cheaper freight options for you. 

7. Warranty & After Sales Support

Here at Kids Car Sales, we strongly adhere to policies in relation to product guarantees. As a buyer, you can trust that all our products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. To find out more about kids ride-on car warranties, check out our policies here

We also take pride in our dedication to always deliver our best. For years, our customer support has strengthened our commitment to providing the extra mile service. We continue to provide quality products while building good relationships with our customers. We see to it that our after-sales service makes our products and services meet or even surpass our customers’ expectations

In summary, ride-on cars are not just playthings but it can be a great toy to boost your child’s independence and can carry your kids through many developmental stages. So it’s important to be as wise as possible when buying these toys for your little cruisers. 

Aside from the things mentioned above, always make sure that the car you’re purchasing passes the quality standard and is equipped with a safety seat belt to promote safety awareness to your little riders. 

Now, you’re ready to begin looking for the best ride-on car! You may also use our handy car finder to guide you in finding the perfect kids ride-on car. For more questions, our helpful customer service team is always ready to help. Contact us on 1300 79 42 40.

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