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7 Reasons A Quad Bike Might Be A Great Idea For Your Child

Quad bikes are not only fun to ride for adults, but kids as well.

When it comes to riding adventure and exploring, quad bike riding is one of the go-to activities. If you want your kids to get active outside instead of just tinkering with their smartphones or playing video games in your homes, then the quad is a perfect choice! 

We know as parents, you’re obviously after your kids’ happiness while making sure they are safe! And just the sound of "off-roading" can give you the chills, right?

But hey, all sports activities involve physical movements that are good for kids! 

And just like any other sports activity, quad riding has certain requirements that need to be considered. Driving a quad bike is easy as it is suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced riders, but parents should know that age suitability is an essential factor to avoid unnecessary complications. You should consider which quad is suited to your child's age.

Over our next blog, we will dig deeper into the different types of quad bikes, age suitability and more on the technical aspects of quad bike riding. For now, let's discuss the many reasons why you should get a quad bike for your child and consider adding one to your next Christmas shopping list. 

The Benefits of Quad Bikes

A boy enjoying a quad bike outdoors

1. It boosts their confidence. 

Common ride-ons in the market run at walking to jogging pace or 3kph to 5kph. We know that some children prefer the challenge of having to drive an actual car with real speed. Quads offer the lowest power of 49cc that can perform a maximum speed of 45km/h. Letting your child choose his desired speed (using the speed limiter) allows him to think and decide. As a result, they would feel more motivated and committed to driving a real car as you do! 

2. It encourages your child to be one with nature. 

Kids these days tend to sit on a couch and watch TV or play video games all day long and even without the studies of great philosophers and experts, we know as parents that this isn’t exactly the most ideal situation. 

3. It sets the stage for discipline.

Driving a quad bike isn’t as carefree as riding a 6v or 12v ride-on car. It requires an exact amount of discipline to put on all protective gear such as helmets, goggles, boots, knee and elbow pads, etc before riding it. By also setting rules and regulations by the parent such as "no riding a passenger", "no trying out stunts", and the like, the child would learn how to obey for his safety as well. 

4. It improves the child’s posture. 

In riding a quad bike, a child has to learn balance and stability. It's not as simple as just sitting down and pulling the trigger handles. The rider has to move with the unit, which means standing up, sitting down, squatting - doing all sorts of movement.

5. It encourages group play. 

Finding other kids that have the same interest as your child is something that they will be grateful for. There are groups of young riders across Australia that your kids will meet when you sign them up for activities here

6.They will see that “Practice Makes Perfect” is a true concept. 

As with other performance-related activities, the skill of riding a dirt bike comes only with practice. A child's passion for quads can cause him to practise longer than he would for other tasks. Satisfaction with the results will also enhance the positive value of practice in other areas of their lives.

7. Years and years of amusement.

A quad bike can generally hold a child for about 3-4 years if you get the right size. As opposed to electric cars which are mostly for smaller children, small quad bikes such as the 49cc ones can carry a child between the ages of 4 to 8 years old. Just imagine how much you’re saving yourself from buying a ride on-car every year that they get taller!

Quad Bike Safety 

Off-roading or quad bike riding is a thrilling adventure your child could ever experience. As you allow your child to play on a quad bike, you are also taking the risks of getting them injured.

There are many things to take into consideration with regards to your kid's safety and age is not only the measure that should be looked for when handling your kid with a quad bike. Although they have four sturdy wheels, quad bikes are not intuitive and can be surprisingly difficult to handle. So, your kids need to get used to the feel of simply controlling a quad bike. More importantly, quad bikes can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands as it can take one's life when used carelessly.

The following precautions must be taken into consideration for your child's safety, prevent injuries and create an enjoyable quad riding experience.

  • Risk of Rollovers
    • Every year quad bikes are a major cause of death and serious injury in rural places with many incidents associated with rollovers. The risk of a rollover increases if the quad bike is crossing slopes, travelling at high speed, towing an attachment, travelling over rocky or uneven ground or carrying a heavy or unstable load. 
      • Reduce the risk of rollover by avoiding conditions that could lead to loss of control like speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol.
      • Be extra cautious, especially on rural roads and avoid extreme panic-like steering.
      • Maintain the load capacity of the bike. Don't overload.

man rolling over from a quad bike

  • Physical Ability 
    • One of the most crucial precautions that should be taken into account when your kid is riding a quad bike is his or her physical ability to handle the bike. Your child must have the appropriate height for the quad bike. Make sure your child can easily reach the accelerator and brakes while sitting comfortably on the quad seat. There should be a minimum gap of about 8 cm between his or her legs and the quad seat. Make sure your child can move the handlebars of the bike to the right and left and be able to control their weight accordingly.
  • Mental Ability 
    • Your child must be mentally strong when riding a quad bike. He or she must be alert to where the bike is heading and how fast it is at that moment. He or she must look out for any hazard and avoid collisions with them. Your child must also have a quick decision-making ability to ride the quad bike. This is applicable if he or she is riding at higher speeds.
  • Adult Supervision & Control
    • Even if your child is qualified to ride the bike based on their physical and mental abilities, parents or guardians should be present to supervise and control, especially for beginners. The parent or adult that supervises the child should be able to understand how the quad bike works as well as its many features to be able to set limitations and control on how the quad will be used. The parent should have a better understanding of the quad bike itself and is confident that you're giving your child a good quality quad bike. So when buying a quad bike, make sure that it passed the stability test and has the stability test result sticker. 
stability test sticker
  • Safety Gear
    • Like any other sports activity, off-riding or quad bike riding is prone to accidents. That is why safety gear should be worn at all times. 
      • Helmet - The head is the most vulnerable part of our body and prone to injuries; therefore, it must be protected at all costs. A helmet must be worn by your child when he or she is operating the quad bike. Most fatal quad bike injuries occur to the head, which may result in casualties, therefore, wearing a helmet is a must. Make sure that the helmet fits the size of your child’s head and is equipped with eye protection or face shield. 
      • Shoes - When riding a quad bike, over the ankle shoes are appropriate. The shoes must be equipped with sturdy, non-slip soles for extra protection. 
      • Shirt - A shirt with long sleeves and gloves must be worn at all times when operating the quad bike as well as a pair of comfortable pants.

 Boy wearing safety gears while quad riding

  • Operate Safely
    • To operate the quad bike safely, your child must be aware of the following.
      • Riders must be trained and physically able to control the vehicle.
      • Riders should always wear helmets and other personal protective gear.
      • Use of headlights, indicators to increase visibility, especially during night hours.
      • Be alert for off-road hazards. Paved roads and public roads are not designed for quad bikes.
      • Ride within your limits. Avoid over-speeding as it increases the risk of accidents.
      • Do not try to show off. Don’t try to perform stunts as they significantly increase the chances of accidents and fatal injuries.
      • Do not carry passengers. Quad bikes are for one rider only.
      • Take time to learn and practice.


So, there you go. We hope that this information will inspire you as much as convince you to give a quad bike for your kids’ next birthday or Christmas pressie.

If you need detailed information on any of our kids quad bikes, you may contact us to speak to our helpful Sales Team. You may also check our website for our wide range of kids quads and ATVs and also try our ride-on finder to help you find the perfect ride that fits your requirements.

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