Warranty Information

Kids Car Sales Guarantee

We provide a 30-day seller’s guarantee and full manufacturer’s warranty on all our products. 

The Kids Car Sales Guarantee provides assurances that if the item you ordered becomes faulty and is no longer performing as it should be within 30-days from receipt of the goods, you are welcome to submit a claim for either a repair, replacement or a refund. You are provided with the peace of mind that troubleshooting and investigation will take place to assure the problem is identified and a resolution is provided in a timely manner.

Conditions that may be excluded in this guarantee are damages due to:

  • Not following assembly instructions
  • Improper storage and care
  • Abuse and misuse
  • Normal wear and tear

Standard Requirements in filing a claim:

  • Provide a written description of the concern
  • Provide supporting files (photos or video clip)
  • Completed claim form

Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy

As we are an authorised dealer for all the products we sell, you will receive full Manufacturer Warranties for any item that you purchase coinciding with the Kids Car Sales Guarantee.

Completing the purchase with us means you agree that beyond the seller's guarantee, the manufacturers’ terms on warranty claims will take effect. Troubleshooting and investigations may be between you and the manufacturer of the goods.

All of the terms and provisions for repair, replacement and refund or any form of remedy will be subject to the manufacturer’s discretion. Length of time to wait for a resolution, the troubleshooting procedure, supporting documents required, labour costs and spare parts are subject to the warranty terms of the manufacturer.

Once supporting documents for the claim have been received and validated, Kids Car Sales will cover the costs to ship the goods to the manufacturer for further inspection if needed. If the fault was deemed as a manufacturing fault, the return freight costs of goods from the manufacturer will be covered by Kids Car Sales, otherwise, the return cost will be shouldered by the customer. Kids Car Sales will guarantee that you are assisted until the problem is diagnosed and a fair resolution is provided.

How to File A Warranty Claim

  1. Do not return any items to the original address.
  2. Head to our Returns Center and fill out the Claim form. Further instructions will be provided.

Frequently Asked Warranty Questions

Is the warranty coverage transferable?

The claim for the Kids Car Sales Guarantee or the manufacturer's warranty must be lodged by the original buyer of the goods following the standard timeline for assessment and resolutions. Warranty of the goods are not transferable and a copy of the order confirmation receipt will be required.

The car arrived with some blemishes and minor scratches. Is this normal?

Due to normal handling and packaging, minor scratches and minor aesthetic issues may be visible. We consider that they are minimal and should not affect the overall appearance and performance of the goods. If in any case, the aesthetic damage affects the performance of the ride-on, we suggest that you file a claim and our support team shall happily assist.

The delivery came but some spare parts are missing.

We will provide any missing parts if the goods happen to arrive with incomplete assembly parts. All you need to do is to inform us within 3 days of receipt of the goods and provide the Standard Requirements in Filing a Claim.

I need to file a claim (within the warranty period). When the item has been shipped back to you for inspection, how long does it take for you to diagnose the problem?

Inspection and assessment of the issue usually take up to two weeks. We guarantee that you will be provided with regular updates within this period and a remedy will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

I need to file a claim (outside any warranty period), what can I expect?

If the warranty period has elapsed, we recommend that you bring the ride on to a nearby technician for assessment. We may assist you in contacting the manufacturer who can quote you for the spare parts, assessment costs and labour costs that are required.

I need to file a claim, what will be required from me?

The Standard Requirements in filing a claim are:

  • Completed Claim form
  • Supporting files (photos or 10 sec video clip)
  • Further detailed information if required by Kids Car Sales

I bought an open-box item, what happens if it becomes faulty?

Depending on factors like price and age, it may not be reasonable to expect it will last as long, or perform to the same standard as a new one. But if it still falls within the warranty period, the claim will be treated as a standard claim.

I have filed a claim and provided the supporting documents, how should I send the goods for inspection?

Kids Car Sales shall cover for the return costs once the claim has been validated or if further inspection is required.

Should Kids Car Sales determine that the issue was due to one of the following reasons:

  • Not following assembly instructions
  • Improper storage and care
  • Abuse and misuse
  • Normal wear and tear;

The return costs will be deducted from the refund amount.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us.