BERG Limited Product Warranty

All product from BERG Toys has the following warranty:

Two years from the purchase date on the entire pedal go-kart. On the whole, no warranty is provided on parts that are subject to wear (such as chain and tyres).

Warranty terms and conditions

The owner of the pedal go-kart may only invoke the warranty by submitting the original purchase receipt and original warranty certificate to BERG Toys or the dealer where the product was purchased. The warranty is only valid for equipment and manufacturing defects in relation to this product or its parts.

The warranty does not apply if:

- The product is used incorrectly and/or carelessly, or is used in a way that does not correspond with the purpose for which it is intended.

- The product is not assembled or maintained in compliance with the instruction booklet. Technical repairs have been carried out on this product in a non-professional manner. Parts fitted after purchase do not correspond to the technical specifications of the product in question, or if they have not been fitted correctly. Defects are caused as a result of the effects of the climate, such as the formation of rust or normal weathering of the paintwork.

- The product is used for rental or is made available in any other way to other unspecified persons. Specifically excluded from the liability of BERG Toys is damage to (parts of) the product as the result of: Incorrect adjustment/tension of the steering, steering mechanism, chain, tyres and gear hubs. The untimely replacement of parts such as chain and tyres.

Throughout the period of the warranty, all equipment or construction defects acknowledged by BERG Toys may be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of BERG Toys. The owner of the product may only invoke the warranty by submitting the product for inspection at a BERG Toys dealer. At the same time, the original warranty certificate (fully completed and with the dealer's stamp) must be handed over to the dealer along with the original purchase docket. If the owner has moved or if the dealer is no longer available, BERG Toys will assign the warranty, where appropriate, to the nearest BERG Toys dealer. If the claim on the warranty is not justified, all costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner. This warranty certificate may not be transferred to third parties. 

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