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Family Benefits Of Playing Board Games

Playing games as a family has a huge impact on your children's development. 

Before mobile phones and video games took over kids’ free-time, board games were one of the most popular pastimes for families. Since technology has come to consume most of our time in everyday life, it’s definitely easy to lose sight of the one-on-one interaction. We tend to lose the benefits that come from sitting around a table playing a game with your kids and loved ones.

Truth is there’s still nothing better than turning off the phone and TV and pull out our favourite family game. So, what makes board games such an enjoyable way to spend time? Is it actually beneficial to play board games?  The answer is quite simply—yes! And here’s why...

It gives your brain a boost

That’s right! Board games have actual benefits for the brain! By spending and enjoying time with your kids you disconnect from the constant pressure of technology. This can lower your blood pressure and give your brain a boost of endorphins to combat anxiety and depression. Not to mention, believe it or not, the mental power used to play a game can even reduce the risk of cognitive decline and memory issues.

It builds life skills and communication

Nowadays society puts more emphasis on screen time than it does face-to-face interaction. And so board games are an ideal way to bring your family back to core social skills and values. When you learn how to win, lose, and work together, you’re teaching your kids values that improve their communication and empathy in the real world.

It increases fine motor skills

Build up your kids’ motor skills while having fun! Board games require the use of fine motor skills to move game pieces and shuffle cards which have the benefit of improving handwriting and coordination for a number of essential daily tasks.

It strengthens the Family Bond

If you realize that you’re losing touch with your family, board games are a great way to bring everyone back together in a fun, relaxing environment. You will be giving your family undivided attention and you’ll be opening the door for a conversation that inevitably leads to a stronger, closer connection.

So, there you have it! Not just a perfect way to spend a fun evening with your family, board games can actually have a profound positive effect on you and your kids. You can build up memory and cognitive skills to reduce stress that’s why board games have remained one of the most popular pastimes for thousands of years.

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