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Plastic 40cm Giant Premium Chess, Checkers and Mat Package Reviews

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  • Hello I am very keen for the 40cm chess/ draught package. In the description it says piece is 40cm in diameter... is that from base to top of piece and not the base?? What it the mat size and dimensions?? What is the shipping to 5048 Thanks

    Hi Bec,

    Please see dimensions below. 

    King - 40cm x 16cm (560g) Queen - 35cm x 16cm (450g) Rook - 24cm x 13cm (310g) Bishop - 31cm x 14cm (405g ) Knight - 28cm x 14cm (400g) Pawn - 22cm x 11cm (220g) Mat dimensions: 1.7m x 1.7m.
    Shipping to 5048 is $57.00. Please email us at so we can draft you a quotation with full pricing and details. 


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