OK Baby 10+ Rear Mounted Bike Seat for Kids

by OK Baby
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Reclining Rear Mounted Bike Seat With ABS For Kids

OK, Baby 10+ Rear Mounted Bike Seat for Kids offers your kids a very comfortable ride with you, thanks to the reclining system that has ABS also known as the automatic barycenter system. This system helps in maintaining the centre of gravity in a perfect position, no matter where the angle of the back seat is. The seat can be easily fixed to the bike tube and is suitable for weights up to 22 kg. The seat has perfect suspension system offers a smooth ride, no matter how rough the terrain is. It can be easily adjusted to 8 different positions longitudinally so that it fits well with different types of frames. The footrests can be adjusted for height at 15 different positions. It has been manufactured from non-toxic materials and possesses a lock security system bracket for added safety.


Features and Benefits

  • Child Weight Max: 22kg
  •  It can be fixed to the seat tube. It fits frames with size between 28mm and 40m
  • The seat can be reclined at an angle of 15°
  • Supporting system that dampens vibrations caused by the unevenness of the road
  • Adjustable longitudinally in 8 different positions to ensure correct fitting to various types of frames
  • Footrests: height adjustment from behind in 15 positions. Equipped with safety straps to prevent contact with the wheel spokes
  •  3-point safety harness adjustable in height in two positions and adjustable in length
  • Approved rear reflector to make the bike seat more visible on the road
  • Thermoformed, water-repellent and weatherproof padding. It can be hand  washed in lukewarm water with neutral soap
  • Toxin-free materials
  • Equipped with lock security system bracket
  • Patented model: you can recline the bike seat without compromising the balance because the centre of gravity stays in place of the centre of the wheel. You can recline the bike seat with the child on it
  • The seat can be also mounted on power-assisted bicycles (E-Bikes)

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